Do you stock any other products?
We are constantly testing new products through our pet care services and will put new products online every now and then. If you would like a specific item or have one to suggest please contact us on admin@woofersworld.com.au.

We can often Special Order items if they are not on our webstore just get in touch with us with the details.

Do you have a shop I can visit?
Yes. We are located at 659 North Rd, Ormond, Victoria and are open Mon – Fri 8am – 5:30pm (closed public holidays).

We have a state-of-the-art grooming salon with separate resting areas and yard, new retail area, indoor training facility and office staff who coordinate our animal handlers out on the road 365 days undertaking our pet care services: Exercise & Socialise, Holiday Care, Grooming & Other services.
We endeavour to have all products in stock, however if something is out of stock, please don't hesitate to touch base and we'll make sure it's on the way.

What food do you recommend for my pet?
Even though there are different breeds, the digestive system is the same as their wild ancestors. Raw diets mimic the food your cat or dog would have eaten in the wild and includes raw meat, grains and legumes. As this type of diet can be hard to prepare and store, premium dry food is a great alternative.
Premium pet foods have a set 'recipe’ which is scientifically developed and does not change from bag-to-bag unlike other, lesser quality foods. This means your pet will not have an upset stomach from inconsistent ingredients and its stools will be fewer and firmer.

Woofers recommends feeding your dog the best quality food you can afford and premium dry food is a complete diet (no need for meat or canned food) which is good for dental health and easy to store.

Woofers recommend you do some research online, speak with your vet, breeder and dog trainer to help make an educated decision.


What is the price of shipping?
We offer standard shipping at $9.95 per order for Metro delivery, regardless of the quantity and weight. Most interstate or regional deliveries is only $19.95 for shipping but may be more and will be quoted after the order is created.

Where do you ship to?

All over Australia! Please note that we cannot deliver to PO Boxes. Please include any special delivery instruction on your order. Some products are unable to be shipped interstate at this time (new shipping rates coming soon!)

How long will it take to deliver an order to me?
We endeavour to get your products to you as quick as possible (delivery usually 2-4 business days). If you feel like your product may be delayed, please call us on 1300 269 969.

Can you automatically deliver?
Yes. Repeat orders can be scheduled to be automatically delivered every month, or two months – whenever you like! And Save 10% on Scheduled Repeat Orders.
Just contact us on admin@woofersworld.com.au to arrange a Scheduled Repeat Order and let us know the frequency you’d like it to be delivered. It’s as simple as that.
If you would like to estimate how much food you need, we can help or most manufacturer websites have feeding guides which we have included on our product pages.
If you are nearing the end of your bag early you can email us on admin@woofersworld.com.au and adjust your schedule – you can cancel, change or modify your order at any time.



How can I ensure my pet will like the food?

If you are changing the diet of your pet we recommend mix feeding some new food with the old food for a week or so.
Day 1 & 2: 75% old food 25% new food
Day 3 & 4: 50% old food 50% new food
Day 5 & 6: 25% old food 75% new food

For dogs you can also mix a small can of tuna or salmon (not flavoured – in spring water or olive oil) with the dry food to encourage them to eat. Try not to do it every night as it will promote fussy eating but once a week or two is good for their coat. You can also try an egg (shell too), or some olive oil, or fish oil.
For cats can mix in some tinned cat food to encourage them to try the new food.

What if my pet doesn’t like the new food?

If you’ve tried the above tips and your pet still doesn’t like the new food, return the opened product to us (at your own cost) and we will refund the purchase price (minus delivery charges) once it has been received.

Have another question?  Contact us.