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  • BLACK DOG WEAR Haltermate
  • BLACK DOG WEAR Haltermate
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Product details

The Haltermate is Black Dog's new figure 8 head halter.


It is our Second Generation figure 8 halter - we re-designed the Infin8 and it has evolved into the Haltermate


It is easier to fit and adjust, yet keeps all the great features which made the original comfortable and effective.  It sits securely and will not ride up into your dog's eyes, the lead attaches at the back and dogs respond quickly and easily to lead pressure. 

But the Haltermate is even better - it can be left on your dog without a lead attached, it is simple to adjust and sits centered on the dog's neck.  We've retained all the great features of the Infin8, without any of the hard bits.


The Haltermate is essentially a Flat Collar with a Martingale Loop and Noseband attached.  Your lead is clipped at the back of the dog's neck, so it feels just like a normal collar and the noseband only tightens when the dog pulls.  This gives a very clear On/Off signal, so your dog will respond quickly and learn quickly, even to light pressure on the lead.  And no matter how the lead is used, the nosebend will not ride up into the dog's eyes.


The Haltermate is extremely effective in calming a pulling, boisterous dog, without the need for harsh corrections or gruff training techniques.


Fitting is easy - clip the collar on, then wrap the noseband 1.. 2.. 3...

When you first get your Haltermate, take a little time to read the instructions and to understand the full possibilities of this halter.  It won't be long before you and your dog will be enjoying walks, with your dog accepting and respecting your fingertip control.


Check out the Downloads and Which Size Info Tabs (above) - these will give you more information on how to use this Haltermate and on selecting the correct size for the best fit on your dog.


Measuring your dog for an Haltermate


You could guess the size, but it would be like buying an expensive outfit without trying it on, so here is info on how to get the best fit for your dog. 

Dogs' muzzle sizes vary, even within the same breed type, so guessing by breed isn't as good as Measuring your actual dog - either a Neck measurement or the Figure 8 Measurement.


Use a soft tape measure to get your dog's unique Figure 8 Muzzle, or Neck size, then check the size charts to see which size is best for your dog.

Figure 8 Measurement:  Place a soft Tape Measure at the back of your dog's neck, then wrap it under the dog's jaw and around the muzzle, then back around the neck to form the figure8, as shown above. 

Pull to a snug fit and write down this measurement - This is your dog's Figure 8 Measurement - check it on the size chart below...



Important: If your dog fits between 2 sizes, thengo for the smaller size - Unless your dog is still growing, then you might select the larger size to allow for future growth.

Use your Figure 8 Measurement on this chart to get the correct size for your dog.

Figure8 chart Min (cm) to   Max (cm)
Haltermate -Size 1 33 (cm) to 47 (cm)
Haltermate -Size 2 44 (cm) to 66 (cm)
Haltermate -Size 3 57 (cm) to 84 (cm)
Haltermate -Size 4 67 (cm) to 100 (cm)

Or ...  use this Neck Guide to get an estimate of the best size.

Neck Chart Min (cm) to   Max (cm)
Haltermate -Size 1 24 (cm) to 36 (cm)
Haltermate -Size 2 28 (cm) to 40 (cm)
Haltermate -Size 3 35 (cm) to 53 (cm)
Haltermate -Size 4 40 (cm) to 65 (cm)

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