• BLACK DOG WEAR Treat Tote
  • BLACK DOG WEAR Treat Tote
  • BLACK DOG WEAR Treat Tote
  • BLACK DOG WEAR Treat Tote




Product details

A Wide Mouth, Magnetic Close Tote for holding food treats while training - Attached Belt version


The attached belt is adjustable from 80 cm through to 135 cm.

If you need the wait belt shorter - just click the "Shorten Belt" option and we will reduce the belt by 40 cm.


The Wide Mouth opening makes it quick and easy to get to your dog's favorite rewards and the magnetic clasp will hold the Tote closed at a touch of your hand. 


The Internal Pocket - for holding Jackpot Rewards - allows you quick and silent access to Higher Status Rewards without alerting your dog.


The Black Dog Treat Tote is 15cm wide, 18cm high and 6cm deep. The front Mesh Pocket - for a ball or treat toy - allows air to circulate and helps prevent any build up of bacteria. The 2 small Side Pockets are for Pick-Up Bags, or perhaps a Clicker and the external loops allow for a Snub Lead or whatever to be clipped on while not in use.


How to use a Treat Tote

On the back there is a zippered security pocket, to hold your phone or personal items. The Tote has no mechanical parts to jam or rust, so it can be regularly washed to keep it fresh and clean over a long working life.


The Treat Tote's wide mouth is for easier access for those with larger hands, while it's deeper design is not to hold lots of treats, but to help hold treats securely inside while you run and bend, and you can quickly flip it closed with the magnet clasp. The magnet clasp is easily opened, so it suits those with any lack of dexterity, or arthritis in the hands or fingers.

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