• BLACKDOG Chicken Discs 1 kg
  • BLACKDOG Chicken Discs 1 kg

BLACKDOG Chicken Discs 1 kg

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BLACKDOG Chicken Discs

Blackdog Chicken Discs are satisfyingly crunchy treats made from real chicken, providing a scrumptious and health-conscious snack option for your canine companion.

  • Crunchy texture aids in dental health by helping to clean teeth with every bite
  • Crafted from genuine chicken meat, offering superior taste and nutrition
  • High in protein and low in fat to maintain your dogs lean muscle mass
  • Perfect for use as a reward during training sessions
  • Contributes to a wholesome snack experience with every disc
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Treat Type: Crunchy disc shape designed for enjoyment and oral health
  • Package Contents: Varied, refer to the pack size for precise quantities
  • Intended For: Dental health enhancement and training assistance
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Suitable for adult dogs across a wide array of breeds and sizes
  • Always ensure the availability of fresh water for hydration alongside treats
  • Its important to observe your pet during treat time to prevent choking hazards
  • These treats should be used in moderation and not as a replacement for complete meals
About the Brand

Blackdog stands out as a brand driven by providing pet owners with healthy treat options. Their focus on preparing minimally processed snacks, with as few additives as possible, highlights their commitment to your canines health. By incorporating real chicken in their products, they cater to dogs natural dietary needs while also tapping into pet parents search interests for authentic chicken-based treats. Blackdog not only satisfies your dogs taste buds but supports their physical health, ensuring a well-rounded approach to pet nutrition and care.

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