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  • KAZOO Grooming Glove

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Time for a pamper session? Spoil your pet with this easy to use Grooming Glove!
Great for all-purpose grooming and washing, this glove has unique rubber nodes that clear out dirt during bathtime, help remove loose hair whilst shedding, and most importantly (for them) the textured nodes give your pet a lovely massage in the process!

1. Removing loose hair and dirt
2. Massaging in shampoo and conditioner 



General Grooming - dry coat

Following the contours of your pet's body and going in the direction of their natural hair growth, gently stroke down the coat in sweeping motions. The unique rubber nodes will help to dislodge debris and trap loose hair. Stroke the whole body working on one section at a time. We recommend starting at the shoulders, working down the back and finishing on the sides. Then do the tummy, and finally the legs.

Bathtime Grooming - wet coat
Before bathtime, use the Grooming Glove to remove loose hair from the coat. To wash, wet your pet's coat and gently rubbing in a circular motion. You can rinse off any loose hairs and debris on the glove between rubbing the coat. Rinse off shampoo. 
For a smooth conditioned finish, after shampooing, use the mitt to gently stroke through conditioner following the natural direction of the hair. Rinse and dry your pet as normal.



  • This glove is great for use on anxious animals. Since your pet is likely used to patted, the glove provides a more familiar sensation while still catching and removing loose fur.
  • It's a good idea to have a few treats handy and reassure your pet during wash time. It helps build positive associations with grooming.
  • Aim to groom your pet weekly. Regular brushing will minimise the number of knots and tangles in the coat. Grooming is also a great time to bond with your pet!

Length 24cm
Width 17cm
Height 24cm

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