• WOOFERS Leash Lasso 20mm

WOOFERS Leash Lasso 20mm



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Specifically produced for Woofers World!!

Made from durable soft webbing the lasso lead can be used on dogs who aren't wearing collars.

Otherwise known as a slip leash it can be put on and off quickly. Great for nervous dogs who don't like their collar to be fiddled with when attaching the traditional clip lead.

Length: 180cm or 210cm. Available in black

Please note, a lasso lead must be put on correctly or it won't loosen properly.

For a dog that is going to walk on your left:with the dog facing you, hold the lead in a "P" shape (see picture) and place directly over the dogs head. When the dog is on your left the lead follows from your hand, over their neck, under their chin and comes to the metal loop which can move freely. 

For a dog that is going to walk on your right: follow the same procedure but flip the "P" so it is a backwards "P" shape before placing directly over the dogs head.

Remember - follow the leash from your hand, across the top of the dog, around and under. If it doesn't loosen easily, it's upside-down!

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