• WAG Bully Stick - Large 28cm-30cm

WAG Bully Stick - Large 28cm-30cm


Large 28cm-30cm

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Bully Sticks are a dense protein and are 100% meat. Protein is the building block for organs and tissue and also allows for the regulation of body temperature and flow of blood cells. As they are just meat, they are easier to digest than something like a bone with sharp fragments. Bully Sticks are single ingredient - many dental sticks on the market include grains as a binding agent but at the end of the day, a dog’s physiology is built to not digest grains it is just with their domestication that it is common for us to feed them things like biscuits. Bully Sticks are a great first long lasting dental treat for puppies. As puppies’ teeth are not strong enough to chew through Antler casing or Goat Horn casing, Bully Sticks are a great long lasting dental chew as the meat is softer than the casing and their saliva is able to soften the sinuous meat tissue.
 100% Beef Pizzle 

 Pooches 1yr and older
 Product of Australia


It's in a dog's nature to eat one thing. That's why we created a treat that's nothing but meat. No fillers of additives. Grain free and doggo-owner-guilt-free. Some products . promise a healthy coat and that's it. WAG is pure through and through, offering benefits for every part of your dog's health. Like being good for the gut, helping maintain healthy hips and joints and promoting healthy teeth and gums.

We use the best meat sourced locally from the finest butchers. Only if we sniff out a better product elsewhere do we travel far from home and source overseas. We let nothing go astray.

Natural, single ingredient treats undergo a slow dehydration process. During this process, no additives are added afterwards - water is removed and results in a shelf stable treat that won’t go off, as there is no more moisture in the treat to contract mould. By removing water, it also makes the taste of the treat more concentrated and therefore more delicious for your pup!

Dehydrated single ingredient treats offer the same benefits as raw meats as the dehydration process still maintains the nutritional value and locks them into a convenient and portable treat! Therefore all the yummy benefits from the protein for your pup, but less messy for you!

You as a pup parent can feel safe feeding your pup single ingredient treats as you know what’s in it – the protein and that’s it! This means when reading the ingredients label for single ingredient treats, you can feel confident that it will be great for your pup’s diet!

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