• WAG Kangaroo Caps 200g

WAG Kangaroo Caps 200g



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Kangaroo Caps are a chewy treat that is great for dental health! Kangaroo Caps are made from Kangaroo knee cap that sits at the top of the Kangaroo Tendons. Kangaroo Caps come from an active part of the body which means they are very lean and not as tender making this a hard chew. It is a high in protein and low in fat treat and sustains your pup with long lasting energy to run around and play. Kangaroo is high in Omega-3 which means it is a treat that is healthy for the heart. As it is a Kangaroo product, it is easy on the tummy for pups with allergies to common proteins like Beef or Chicken.



Natural, single ingredient treats undergo a slow dehydration process. During this process, no additives are added afterwards - water is removed and results in a shelf stable treat that won’t go off, as there is no more moisture in the treat to contract mould. By removing water, it also makes the taste of the treat more concentrated and therefore more delicious for your pup!

Dehydrated single ingredient treats offer the same benefits as raw meats as the dehydration process still maintains the nutritional value and locks them into a convenient and portable treat! Therefore all the yummy benefits from the protein for your pup, but less messy for you!

WAG’s dehydrated treats are also single ingredient – this means no fillers, grain or added salt and sugar. These fillers do not give your pup the nutritional benefits that protein can, as at the end of the day dogs are carnivores!

You as a pup parent can feel safe feeding your pup single ingredient treats as you know what’s in it – the protein and that’s it! This means when reading the ingredients label for single ingredient treats, you can feel confident that it will be great for your pup’s diet!


100% Kangaroo Knee Cap



Weight: Approximately 10g - 25g
Size: Approximately 5cm - 10cm long



Crude Protein (Min.) 80.0%

Crude Fat (Min.) 2.0%

Moisture (Max.) 12.0%

Pups of all ages and sizes!


Product of Australia


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